A puzzle game for the GMTK Game Jam 2022. Featured as one of the top 20 winners!

Play as an adventurer who has entered the cryptic Rolling World in search of the legendary Orb. In order to progress, you must roll this cubic world to your advantage.


- Arrow keys to move
- Z to interact

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorsCoffe789, DollarStoreHeavenLivestream, Vertigofy


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omg, that might encounter some errors...

I was stuck in the wall.

this game incentives me to learn how to create games... thanks


Good luck! It is very rewarding (:

Epic ending music

Yes, yes it is!

I agree, i'm just trying it again but it's too laggy!

Maybe you should add a download link because it is too laggy.

Interestingly, the gravity puzzles utilize a function called holonomy which is common among non-euclidean games. Technically, this game is on a giant non-euclidean world.


Super fun puzzle mechanic! One suggestion if you intend to continue on this project: People are pretty familiar with how dice look and behave. I think it's more confusing than helpful to change that by showing the value of the top face twice instead of just showing the actual value on each side you can see. I get why you did it, because it can be tough to see the pips clearly, but I think the solution to that is to just fix the alignment of the pips on the cube. In addition to simply contradicting the way people expect dice to work, the way you worked around the hard-to-read dice adds an element of mandatory trial-and-error which I think goes against the spirit of a puzzler like this. By only giving us the value of the top face, you require us to blindly roll the cube once in order to fully determine its initial state.

this game keeps freezing my browser whenever i try and play it

im using firefox on windows 10 btw

Does it initially load at least? If not I wonder if your browser is blocking part of it. Either way it's an engine/browser issue and not something we can fix. Most likely it will work if you use a different browser.


Here's the Highlight of the interview, thanks again for coming on to answer my questions;



Thanks again for having us!

can you tell which engine was used to make this game

It was made using Godot. If you are interested in a breakdown of which engines were popular for the jam there is a graph on the GMTK twitter, and I think a breakdown of the top 100 entries is coming soon too.

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I had so much fun playing this! Once I thought the game will end, I get to see another mechanic! Well done, really cool!

Ending spoiler:


Really creative idea and great execution of the idea. The only thing I don't actively like is the puzzles involving actual dices in the later part. It fits the theme, but it doesn't really connect with any other part of the game, and this kind of "cube rolling" puzzle is not that creative, even kinda dull. Maybe you had some idea to make it work with the other mechanics in some unexpected ways, just didn't have time to implement? Great game nontheless, and I'm excited to see the expanded version of this.

Yes we had some ideas with the dice, but some didn't flesh out & others we didn't have enough time for. If they look like a last minute edition that's because they were haha. Most likely expect them to be removed from the expanded version.


Personally I really liked the dice rolling, I felt that it tied in well because all the previous levels taught that rolling around a corner (e.g. left, up, right) changed the direction the cube was facing. I used that technique to solve the dice rolling problems and get the face i wanted. Perhaps if you teach that technique more explicitly as a tutorial and then connect it to the way you manipulate the dice, the mechanic will be more clear to players?

Regardless, great level and puzzle design :)

Great job, lots of genius here.

I like it!

The softlock bug + some other issues have now been fixed (:

amazing idea! and it feels great to move around!

The game did glitch in level 4 and I couldn't continue, which was unfortunate because I had a lot of fun.

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Ah dang. There is a fixed build, though apparently I can't post until the jam is over

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Amazing game! (But it looks like you didn't entry the jam...)

We managed to get in late :D

Nice :)

Love the concept and art. This puzzle was too much for me to solve, though I really enjoyed the ones before it. In terms of controls, as a general note you should never assume that the user knows the conventions, so mentioning to use the arrow keys to move on the first level would have been nice as I was confused for a little bit thinking WASD were it.

bro im stuck on the same exact one. even went to the gmtk video because i was desperate. they showed the game, but only made it to the puzzle before this one :(

I don't know if this is helpful but the solution to the puzzle is to first make the red wall slide down but changing the world direction twice then standing on the yellow button. After this you get off the button and flip everything back so the red wall in on top of the yellow wall while pressing down blue button. The final step is to flip the world just once instead of twice so the red wall can't move and just exit the level.


Nooooo! This game is so amazing! The artstyle is really nice, and the concept is beautiful too! If only this got in the game jam...


Thanks ^^

We got in!!